Artsy Circle blur type thingy

Picks the highest value color in a circle range as the output color.
Results in a pretty cool effect imo.

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

uniform float v = 1.0; 
uniform float size = 10.0;
void fragment() {
	vec4 c = textureLod(TEXTURE, UV, 0.0);
	for (float x = -size; x < size; x++)
		for (float y = -size; y < size; y++)
			if (x*x + y*y > size*size){continue;}
			vec4 new_c = texture(TEXTURE, UV+TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE*vec2(x, y));
			if (length(new_c) >length(c)){
				c = new_c;
	COLOR = c;
blur, circle
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6 months ago

Cool looking ‘Artsy Circle blur type thingy’ shader. I think the word you were searching for is ‘Bokeh’! To fully simulate that look you could add a luminance threshold for when the Bokeh are rendered and if the sample is below the threshold just render the pixel blured (screen texture at a low LOD).