Blur Vignette (Post Processing / ColorRect) [Godot 4.2.1]

This shader creates a Blur Vignette on the screen in real time using a ColorRect on the Camera3D.

The main goal is to create a vignette effect with a subtle blur edge, creating a focused center and a gradual transition to the edges of the screen.

1. Add a ColorRect to your Camera
2. Set the Material of the ColorRect to a ShaderMaterial and add a Shader file
3. Paste the Code below into the Shader file and you should be good to go!

Tip: Don’t forget to Anchor to full stretch! 👍

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

uniform sampler2D screen_texture: hint_screen_texture, repeat_disable, filter_linear_mipmap;
uniform float blur_radius : hint_range(0, 1) = 0.2; // Radius of the blur effect
uniform float blur_amount : hint_range(0, 5) = 1.0; // Strength of the blur effect
uniform float blur_inner : hint_range(0, 1) = 0.6; // Inner edge of the blur effect
uniform float blur_outer : hint_range(0, 1) = 0.66; // Outer edge of the blur effect

void fragment() {
    // Original color of the pixel from the screen
    vec4 pixelColor = texture(screen_texture, UV);
    // Color with blur effect from the screen
    vec4 blurColor = textureLod(screen_texture, SCREEN_UV, blur_amount);

    // Calculate distance from the center of the screen
    float distance = length(UV - vec2(0.5, 0.5));

    // Apply smoothstep function to control transition between areas
    float blur = smoothstep(blur_inner - blur_radius, blur_outer, distance);

    // Mix colors of the blur effect and the original color based on the smoothstep value
    pixelColor.rgb = mix(blurColor.rgb, COLOR.rgb, -blur);

    // Set the alpha component of the blur effect to the smoothstep value
    blurColor.a = blur;

    // Mix colors of the blur effect with white for an additional effect
    blurColor.rgb = mix(blurColor.rgb, vec3(1.0), 0.1);

    // Set the final color to the modified color of the blur effect
    COLOR = blurColor;
blur, Godot 4.2, Post processing, vignette
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6 months ago

Works perfectly! Also really appreciate the comments.