Input Simplifier

Simplifies the input
It reduces the resolution and color

Has 2 parameters for how much color is allowed how how much bigger each pixel should be
For Pixel Size I recommend a whole number since using decimals cause a weird grid to appear

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

uniform float pixel_size : hint_range(1.0,50.0) = 4.0;
uniform int color_depth : hint_range(1,256) = 5;

void fragment()
	vec2 resolution = 1.0 / SCREEN_PIXEL_SIZE;
	vec2 pixCoord = FRAGCOORD.xy;
	vec2 uv = floor(pixCoord/pixel_size)/floor(resolution/pixel_size);
	vec4 input = texture(SCREEN_TEXTURE, uv);
	vec4 img = vec4(floor(input.r*float(color_depth))/float(color_depth), floor(input.g*float(color_depth))/float(color_depth), floor(input.b*float(color_depth))/float(color_depth), input.a);
	COLOR = img;
Color, pixel, reduction, simple
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