Low life flash 2D

Flash for Sprite node or Animated Sprite

A flash that can be used to hit the player or to announce that he is low on health can also be used on a large boss to announce that he is about to die.

It’s my second shader I’m learning little by little

I hope to improve it a bit later

Greetings to all!

Shader code
//Shader BY LURGX second shader */

shader_type canvas_item;
uniform bool shine: true;
uniform bool move: true;
uniform float side = 0.9;
uniform float up = 0.1;
uniform vec4 color: hint_color;
uniform float u_time: hint_range (0.,10.);

void vertex() {//Movement 
if (move == true){
	VERTEX += vec2(cos(TIME*u_time)*side,cos(TIME*u_time)*up);

void fragment() { //COLOR SHINE
if (shine == true){
	COLOR = texture(TEXTURE, UV);
	COLOR.rgb += vec3(color.r,color.g,color.b)*(abs(cos(TIME*u_time)));
#Flash #Outline #2d
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3 months ago

looks to me like smt is blowing up =)