shader gradient

hah hah yes, funi conversion of visual shaders to normal shaders making the code unreadable


oh well, it’s just used for gradients anyways


Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

uniform vec3 ColorTopLeft;
uniform float TopLeftAlpha:hint_range(0,1);

uniform vec3 ColorTopRight2;
uniform float ToprightAlpha2:hint_range(0,1);

uniform vec3 ColordownLeft2;
uniform float downLeftAlpha2:hint_range(0,1);

uniform vec3 ColordownRight3;
uniform float downrightAlpha3:hint_range(0,1);

// Gradient4Corners

vec4 gradient4cornersFunc(vec2 _uv_c0rner, vec4 _top_left_c0rner, vec4 _top_right_c0rner, vec4 _bottom_left_c0rner, vec4 _bottom_right_c0rner){
	vec4 _c0l0r_t0p_c0rner = mix(_top_left_c0rner, _top_right_c0rner, _uv_c0rner.x);
	vec4 _c0l0r_b0tt0m_c0rner = mix(_bottom_left_c0rner, _bottom_right_c0rner, _uv_c0rner.x);
	return mix(_c0l0r_t0p_c0rner, _c0l0r_b0tt0m_c0rner, _uv_c0rner.y);

void fragment() {
// Input:3
	vec3 n_out3p0 = vec3(UV, 0.0);

// VectorUniform:4
	vec3 n_out4p0 = ColorTopLeft;

// ScalarUniform:5
	float n_out5p0 = TopLeftAlpha;

// VectorUniform:7
	vec3 n_out7p0 = ColorTopRight2;

// ScalarUniform:6
	float n_out6p0 = ToprightAlpha2;

// VectorUniform:10
	vec3 n_out10p0 = ColordownLeft2;

// ScalarUniform:11
	float n_out11p0 = downLeftAlpha2;

// VectorUniform:8
	vec3 n_out8p0 = ColordownRight3;

// ScalarUniform:9
	float n_out9p0 = downrightAlpha3;

// Gradient4Corners:2
	vec3 n_out2p0;
	float n_out2p1;
		vec4 n_out2p0n_out2p1 = gradient4cornersFunc(n_out3p0.xy, vec4(n_out4p0, n_out5p0), vec4(n_out7p0, n_out6p0), vec4(n_out10p0, n_out11p0), vec4(n_out8p0, n_out9p0));
		n_out2p0 = n_out2p0n_out2p1.rgb;
		n_out2p1 = n_out2p0n_out2p1.a;

// Output:0
	COLOR.rgb = n_out2p0;
	COLOR.a = n_out2p1;


The shader code and all code snippets in this post are under MIT license and can be used freely. Images and videos, and assets depicted in those, do not fall under this license. For more info, see our License terms.

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