2D Rim Light

This creates a rim light around the edges of a sprite, giving the appearance of a light source behind the sprite. Works best using a normal map. All light aside from the edges will be ignored. Without a normal map, the light will look like an outline around the sprite based on the light source.

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

uniform float radius = 50.0; // how far the rim light should go
uniform float intensity = 2.0; // how bright the rim light should be compared to the light source
uniform int accuracy: hint_range(4, 256) = 32; // set it higher for better appearance but worse performance, should be at least 4

const float PI = 3.14159;

void light() {
    vec4 light = texture(TEXTURE, UV);
    vec2 size = TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE * radius;
    float min_dist = max(size.x, size.y);
    float alpha = 0.0;
    bool pixel_found = false;
    // the goal is to find the nearest pixel where the alpha is 0, which should be the edge of the sprite
    // iterate through each circle size, starting with the smallest
    for(float current_radius = 0.0; current_radius < max(size.x, size.y); current_radius += min(TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE.x, TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE.y)){
        // check each angle of the circle
        for(float rad = 0.0; rad < 2.0 * PI; rad += (2.0 * PI) / float(accuracy)){
            float x = cos(rad) * current_radius;
            float y = sin(rad) * current_radius;
            alpha = texture(TEXTURE, UV + vec2(x, y)).a;
            // if the nearest pixel with alpha 0 is found, end the search
            if(alpha == 0.0){
                min_dist = min(min_dist, sqrt(x*x + y*y));
                pixel_found = true;
        if(pixel_found) break;

    float alpha_amount = clamp(1.0 - min_dist / min(size.x, size.y), 0.0, 1.0);
    LIGHT.a = light.a * intensity * alpha_amount;

2d, 2d light, light, sprite
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