2D water effect

Simple screen water effect for 2d game worked with mobile GLES2.


Apply the shader to a TextureRect or a Sprite.under “CanvasLayer” node. and set TextureRect/sprite size fit a viewport size. use shader params to adjust the effect as you like.

for demo project and a water shader effect for specified node,
please visit : https://github.com/GrhythmO/2D-water-effect-shader

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

uniform float wave_speed = 3.0; //wave loop speed
uniform float wave_freq = 10.0; //wave vertical freq
uniform float wave_width = 1; //wave width 
void fragment(){
	vec2 scale_UV = SCREEN_UV;
	vec2 wave_uv_offset;
	wave_uv_offset.x = cos((TIME*wave_speed)+UV.x+UV.y*wave_freq*2.0)*wave_width*0.01;
	//COLOR = vec4(wave_uv_offset,0.0,1.0);
	COLOR = texture(SCREEN_TEXTURE,scale_UV+wave_uv_offset);
screen effect, water
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