3D Pixelation

-Works in Godot 4 & Godot 3.x-
Pixelates the screen output with custom pixel size

Use shader on a quad mesh placed infront of the camera

Method by David Lettier

Shader code
shader_type spatial;
render_mode unshaded;

const int pixel_size = 4; //resolution must be divisible by pixel_size

void fragment() {
	float x = float(int(FRAGCOORD.x) % pixel_size);
	float y = float(int(FRAGCOORD.y) % pixel_size);

	x = FRAGCOORD.x + floor(float(pixel_size) / 2.0) - x;
	y = FRAGCOORD.y + floor(float(pixel_size) / 2.0) - y;

	ALBEDO = texture(SCREEN_TEXTURE, vec2(x, y) / VIEWPORT_SIZE).xyz;
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4 months ago

You could also use:

vec2 pixelated_uv = round(SCREEN_UV * float(pixel_size)) / float(pixel_size);
ALBEDO = texture(SCREEN_TEXTURE, pixelated_uv).rgb;

So that it works with any integer even if its not divisible

1 month ago

Great Shader, however when I apply it I can’t see particle effects. how do I fix it?

11 days ago

Made an account just to say thanks, the shader worked like a charm. Would recommend setting the priority of the quad mesh to a lower value so it doesn’t block any other objects in your game, in case someone else runs into the same problems I did.