Unmoving Plaid Effect

Shader to use in a Sprite. Usefull if you want to render a static pattern effect.

The shader is intended for use in a Sprite. You can use the whole texture or a region. The Offset/Centered must be disabled to work properly.

If you want an infinite background you can create a sprite that is child of the camera and update all the uniforms in the shader.

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

uniform vec2 position = vec2(0); // Global position of the sprite
uniform vec2 scale = vec2(1); // Scale of the sprite
uniform vec2 offset = vec2(0); // Offset in pixels

uniform bool regionEnabled = false; // Enable Sprite Region
uniform vec2 regionPosition = vec2(0); // Region Sprite Position
uniform vec2 regionSize = vec2(16); // Region Sprite Size

void fragment() {
	vec2 uv = UV + (position + offset) * TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE / scale;
	if (regionEnabled) {
		uv -= regionPosition * TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE;
		uv = mod(uv * scale, regionSize * TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE) + regionPosition * TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE;
	else {
		uv = mod(uv * scale, 1.0);
	COLOR = texture(TEXTURE, uv);
2d, background, infinite, sprite, static pattern, unoming plaid
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