Radial / Cooldown shader

Pretty simple radial image shader, theres a cooldown progress float that controls the progress of the effect, theres a use transparency toggle so you can choose whether or not to use the transparency alpha slider that changes the see-through-ness of the effected part of the image.

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

// Uniform for the cooldown progress, ranges from 0.0 (full cooldown) to 1.0 (no cooldown)
uniform float cooldown_progress : hint_range(0.0, 1.0);

// Uniform to toggle between disappearing or transparent unseen area
uniform bool use_transparency : hint_tooltip("Toggle to make unseen area transparent");

// Uniform to control the alpha value of the transparent unseen area
uniform float transparency_alpha : hint_range(0.0, 1.0);

// Function to check if a point is inside the cooldown arc
bool in_cooldown(vec2 uv, float progress) {
    // Convert UV coordinates to centered coordinates (-0.5 to 0.5)
    vec2 centered_uv = uv - vec2(0.5);

    // Calculate the angle of the UV coordinate
    float angle = atan(centered_uv.y, centered_uv.x) / (2.0 * 3.14159265359) + 0.5;

    // Check if the point is within the cooldown arc
    return (angle <= progress);

void fragment() {
    // Sample the texture at the given UV coordinates
    vec4 tex_color = texture(TEXTURE, UV);

    // Check if the current fragment is within the cooldown arc
    if (in_cooldown(UV, cooldown_progress)) {
        // If within the cooldown, set the color to the texture color
        COLOR = tex_color;
    } else {
        // If not within the cooldown, check the transparency toggle
        if (use_transparency) {
            // Set the color to the texture color with adjusted alpha
            COLOR = vec4(tex_color.rgb, transparency_alpha);
        } else {
            // Set the color to transparent
            COLOR = vec4(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
2d, Cooldown, effect, fade, Icon, radial, Sprite2D, TextureRect, transition
The shader code and all code snippets in this post are under CC0 license and can be used freely without the author's permission. Images and videos, and assets depicted in those, do not fall under this license. For more info, see our License terms.

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4 days ago

Nice shader! I made a little modification for me. I put an extra if, “if (tex_color.a > 0.00){}” at line 28, and put inside the code from line 29 up to 40. Because i just want to modify all visible pixels. Thanks!