screen space refraction shader

code for my screen space refraction shader tutorial. i made it for ocean shader fragment part & later reflection & depth fade is planned too.

Shader code
shader_type spatial;

uniform samler2D normalmap;
uniform sampler2D screen_texture : hint_screen_texture;
uniform sampler2D albedo;
uniform float refraction_strength = 0.5;
uniform float alpha = 0.5;

vec2 refract_uv(vec2 uv, float strength, vec3 normal){
	uv += strength * (normal.x * normal.y * normal.z);
	return uv;

void fragment() {
	NORMAL_MAP = texture(normalmap, UV).rgb;
	ALBEDO = mix(albedo, texture(screen_texture, refract_uv(SCREEN_UV, refraction_strength, NORMAL_MAP)).rgb, 1.0 - alpha);
refraction, screen-space
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