Screenspace Tiled Texturing

A way to mimic textured animation, “the Chowder effect”, or “the Gankutsuou effect”. It applies a texture that looks uniform across the entire screen. While 3D objects with this shader move, the assigned texture is stationary and flat.

This also works great if you’re applying a shaded dithering effect to a model, as seen in the Tony Hawk GBA games.

What this shader can’t do is turn an already-opaque texture into a transparent one. My hope is to iterate on this to achieve an impressionable transparent dithering effect for models.

Shader code
shader_type spatial;
render_mode unshaded;
// Renders a tileable 2D texture to screen, using spatial polygons as a mask.
// Remove blur from textures by unchecking "Detect 3D" and "Filter" in Import.
// Demo:

uniform sampler2D tiling_texture;

uniform float tiling_scale = 1.0;

const float DEFAULT_SCALE = 8.0;

void fragment() {
	vec2 uv = FRAGCOORD.xy;
	vec2 tiling_uv = uv / (DEFAULT_SCALE * tiling_scale * -1.0);
	vec4 texture_result = texture(tiling_texture, tiling_uv);
	ALBEDO = texture_result.rgb;
	ALPHA = texture_result.a;
chowder, gankutsuou, screen, space, tiling, uv
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