world coordinates grid b&w shader

This shader displays a grid on every surface aligned with the unit vectors, it displays a jagged grid otherwise. This shader is useful for prototyping levels, especially when working with CSGs.

Shader code
shader_type spatial;
varying vec3 world_position;

void vertex() {
	world_position = VERTEX;

const float gridSize = 3.5;

void fragment(){
	vec3 pos = world_position;
	pos /= gridSize;
	pos += gridSize * 20.0;
	//to offset a bug that appears when one of the coordinate is close to 0
	//can be tweaked if the bug is visible
	pos.y += 1.0*float(fract(float(int(pos.x*2.0))/2.0));
	pos.z += float(fract(float(int(pos.y*2.0))/2.0));
	vec3 col = vec3(fract(float(int(pos.z*2.0))/2.0));
	ROUGHNESS = col.x/2.0 + 0.2;
	ALBEDO = col;
black and white, grid, prototyping, Spatial, world coordinates

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4 months ago

How can i adjust the grid size? I would like to put it in meters

25 days ago
Reply to  doradoro

I fixed the Zero problem, added color and lines: