2D Top-Down Shadows (Tilemap Ready)

Highly configurable shader for top-down shadows in a 2D environment. Supports tilemaps.

How To Use:

  • Shadow Angle: Angle (in degrees) of shadow
  • Wall Height: Shadow height multiplier
  • Floor Start: Start position (in pixels) of floor (ex. if the floor is 7 pixels down from the top of the sprite, y = 7)
  • Shadow Color: Color of the shadow
  • Shadow Cutoff Start: Cutoff point (in pixels) from the top left of the sprite
  • Shadow Cutoff End: Cutoff point (in pixels) from the bottom right of the sprite
  • Shadow Offset: Offset (in pixels) of the shadow
  • Mask Wrap: Wrap if the shadow leaves the UV boundaries
  • Mask Top: Mask from top of the sprite, opaque pixels cast shadows
  • Mask Left: Mask from left of the sprite, opaque pixels cast shadows
  • Cover Mask: Mask for if part of the sprite should appear in front of the shadow, should only be used for unique shapes, otherwise use shadow cutoff

Reads the mask provided by Mask Top and Mask Left and casts a realistic shadow from floorStart to achieve a 3D effect in a 2D environment. To use tilemap, assign the shader to the tile, enable isTileMap, and input the size of the tile into tileSize.

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;
render_mode unshaded;

uniform float shadowAngle: hint_range(0.0, 360.0) = 45; //Angle (in degrees) of the shadow
uniform float wallHeight: hint_range(0.0,5.0) = 1.0; //Shadow height multiplier
uniform ivec2 floorStart;
//Start (in pixels) of the floor
//ex. if the floor is 7 pixels down from the top of the sprite, y = 7
uniform vec4 shadowColor: source_color = vec4(0.0,0.0,0.0,0.4);
uniform ivec2 shadowCutoffStart = ivec2(0); //Cutoff (in pixels) from the top left of the sprite
uniform ivec2 shadowCutoffEnd = ivec2(0); //Cutoff (in pixels) from the bottom right of the sprite
uniform ivec2 shadowOffset = ivec2(0); //Offset (in pixels) of shadow
uniform bool maskWrap = true; //Wrap if the shadow leaves the UV
uniform sampler2D maskTop: filter_nearest, hint_default_transparent; //Mask for Y Values, opaque pixels cast shadows
uniform sampler2D maskLeft: filter_nearest, hint_default_transparent; //Mask for X Values, opaque pixels cast shadows
uniform sampler2D coverMask: filter_nearest, hint_default_transparent;
//Mask for if a part of the sprite should appear in front of the shadow

group_uniforms depthSetup;
uniform float wallDepth: hint_range(0.0, 50.0,0.1) = 1.5;
uniform int sampleMult: hint_range(1, 10, 1) = 3; //Lower values lead to pixelated depth
uniform bool floorDepthAutoCutoff = true; //Auto cutoff unwanted stretching at bottom of wall from depth

group_uniforms tilemapSetup;
uniform bool isTileMap = false;
uniform ivec2 tileSize = ivec2(0); //Size (in pixels) of each tile in the tilemap

//Tilemap converter by Award
vec2 get_tile_uvs(vec2 p_uv,vec2 p_tex_size,vec2 p_region_size) {
	vec2 uv = p_uv - p_tex_size;
	uv = fract(uv * p_tex_size / p_region_size);
	return uv * p_region_size / p_region_size;

//2D top-down shadow shader by WizardWand123
void fragment() {
	COLOR = texture(TEXTURE,UV);
	vec2 uv = UV;
	vec2 tileUV = UV;
	//Change uv value for tilemap
		tileUV = get_tile_uvs(UV,vec2(textureSize(TEXTURE,0)),vec2(tileSize));
		uv = tileUV;

	vec2 pixSize = TEXTURE_PIXEL_SIZE * (isTileMap ? vec2(textureSize(TEXTURE,0))/vec2(tileSize) : vec2(1));
	uv += vec2(shadowOffset) * pixSize;
	//Test for cutoff or cover mask
	vec2 modCutoff = vec2(shadowCutoffStart) * pixSize;
	vec2 modCutoffEnd = vec2(1.0)-(vec2(shadowCutoffEnd) * pixSize);
	if(clamp(tileUV,modCutoff,modCutoffEnd) == tileUV && texture(coverMask,tileUV).a == 0.0){
		//Find direction of angle
		vec2 direct = vec2(cos(shadowAngle * (PI/180.0)),sin(shadowAngle * (PI/180.0)));
		vec2 depthUV = uv;
		vec2 floorCorner = (vec2(floorStart)*pixSize);
		vec2 floorAutoStart = sign(uv-floorCorner);

		int loopTimeout = 0;
		while(loopTimeout < max(int(wallDepth*10.0) * sampleMult,1)){
			loopTimeout += 1;
			vec2 floorDifference = depthUV-floorCorner;
			bvec2 skip = bvec2(sign(depthUV.x-floorCorner.x) != floorAutoStart.x && floorDepthAutoCutoff,sign(depthUV.y-floorCorner.y) != floorAutoStart.y && floorDepthAutoCutoff);
			//Find UV for Shadow
			vec2 flipUV = floorCorner-((floorDifference/direct)/wallHeight);
			vec2 maskUVTop = vec2(uv.x,flipUV.y) + vec2(-(floorDifference.y/direct.y)*direct.x,0.0);
			vec2 maskUVLeft = vec2(flipUV.x,uv.y) + vec2(0.0,-(floorDifference.x/direct.x)*direct.y);
				maskUVTop = vec2(fract(maskUVTop.x),maskUVTop.y);
				maskUVLeft = vec2(maskUVLeft.x,fract(maskUVLeft.y));
			//Test if UV is beyond usual values (only useful when maskwrap disabled) to prevent stretching
			bool offMaskTop = clamp(maskUVTop,vec2(0.0),vec2(1.0)) != maskUVTop;
			bool offMaskLeft = clamp(maskUVLeft,vec2(0.0),vec2(1.0)) != maskUVLeft;
			//Test if moddified UV collides with mask
			if((texture(maskTop,maskUVTop).a > 0.0 && !offMaskTop && !skip.y) || (texture(maskLeft,maskUVLeft).a > 0.0 && !offMaskLeft && !skip.x)){
				COLOR.rgb = mix(COLOR.rgb,shadowColor.rgb,shadowColor.a);
				//Change UV for depth
				depthUV.y += (0.005/float(sampleMult)) * sign(direct.y);
				depthUV.x += (0.005/(float(sampleMult))) * sign(direct.x);
2d, effect, shadow, top down
The shader code and all code snippets in this post are under CC0 license and can be used freely without the author's permission. Images and videos, and assets depicted in those, do not fall under this license. For more info, see our License terms.

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