Radial Speedlines

What?! Radial speedlines?

This shader relies on a noise texture to generate the spikes. I suggest turning up persistence and lacunarity, whatever those things mean. Change sample_radius to animate the speedlines!

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

uniform vec2 center = vec2(0.5, 0.5);
uniform sampler2D noise;
uniform float sample_radius: hint_range(0.0, 1.0) = 0.5;
uniform vec4 line_color: hint_color = vec4(1.0);
uniform float center_radius: hint_range(0.0, 1.0) = 0.5;

const float pi = 3.14159265359;

void fragment() {
	vec2 dist = UV - center;
	float angle = atan(dist.y / dist.x);
	vec2 sample = vec2(sample_radius * cos(angle), sample_radius * sin(angle));
	float noise_value = texture(noise, sample).r;
	vec4 color = mix(line_color, vec4(0.0), noise_value);
	color = mix(color, vec4(0.0), 1.0 - length(dist) - center_radius);
	COLOR = color;
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1 year ago

Nice! Thank you! Mind if I use this in my game?

2 days ago

When you say change the sample_radius you mean like replace it with uTime or multiply it with time? I mean how does the shader animate if there is no time in it? Thanks!