FNAF Faked 3D Displacement Shader

I’ve seen several posts on the godot subreddit asking how to create the fake 3D effect from the Five Nights At Freddy’s series. I was a bit curious about how to do this and did a bit of digging. (Sources linked at bottom)

Simply, it works using a “Displacement Map”, which is basically a texture where each pixel is a greyscale value from 0.0 to 1.0 for how much to displace that pixel. I highly recommend using a CurveTexture which will let you manipulate the rate of distortion at the edges more easily.

The `scroll` uniform allows you to scroll to the left or right. Setting up a system in the code lets you “look” left and right in the fake 3D space.

This system seems to work with the source FNAF texture as well as some HDRIs downloaded from ambientcg. Feel free to remix if you feel like it could be improved! <3

If you happen to use this to make something cool, I’d love to see it! (@OfSquiggles on twitter)



This Forum Post

This tutorial for GameMaker

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;

// the left/right look amount. Ideally clamp this externally to prevent viewing edges
uniform float scroll = 0.0;

// keep positive to maintain pseudo3D effect.
uniform float displacement_scale = 2.0;

// easiest to just make this a curve texture, but making PNG gives a ton of control across the Y axis. Curve texture is just super smooth and doesn't have any issues with tearing.
uniform sampler2D displacement_map : hint_black;

void fragment(){
	vec2 uv = UV + vec2(scroll, 0.0); // scroll the UV
	float displacement = texture(displacement_map, UV).r; // pull amount from map
	displacement *= displacement_scale; // scale
	displacement *= (0.5 - uv.y); // transform based on distance from center horizontal
	COLOR = texture(TEXTURE, uv + vec2(0.0, displacement));// pull source image, displaced by scroll and vertical stretch.
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b en
b en
8 days ago

Nice shader, unfortunatly though I fear most people will not know how to use it as it doesnt work at all like the one in clickteam, and it is difficult to get looking completely accurate

Because of this I have uploaded a port of the original shader from the games. Just wanted to comment and let you know I wasnt just trying to be an asshole by uploading mine right after yours haha