Dotted Circle

I am surprised I haven’t seen a similar shader posted anywhere on this site

To use:

Apply the shader to a square-shaped Color Rect

Godot 4.x, but to use in Godot 3.x, simply change source_color to hint_color 

Shader code
shader_type canvas_item;
uniform vec4 color : hint_color = vec4(1.0);
uniform float diameter = 1.0; // Circle Diameter
uniform float thickness = 0.05; // Outline thickness
uniform float frequency = 10.0; // Controls the number of dots
uniform float phase = 0.0; // Controls the rotation of the circle

void fragment() {
  vec2 pos = UV - vec2(0.5);
  float outer_radius = diameter / 2.0;
  float inner_radius = outer_radius - thickness;
  float outer_circle = step(length(pos), outer_radius);
  float inner_circle = step(length(pos), inner_radius);

  float angle = atan(pos.y, pos.x);
  if (angle < 0.0) {
    angle += 2.0 * PI;

  float wave = 0.5 * sin(frequency * angle + phase) + 0.5;

  float ring = outer_circle - inner_circle;
  ring *= step(0.5, wave);
  COLOR = vec4(color.rgb, ring * color.a);
circle, dotted, outline
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1 month ago

Thanks for this simple but usefull shader!
You have to replace hint_color by source_color for 4.x versions.

1 month ago

Can the dotted lines be used also in the creation of tracing letters? for example letter A?